My Famicase is an exhibition organized in Tokyo, and every spring shows fictional Famicom cartridges (japanese version of the 80's Nintendo 8 bit colsole).

This is the 7th year that I participate on it. All my games until now has been about cats in space. Last year I designed the prequel of the Star Cats saga: “Far Above the Moon”. This game was a tribute to “Space Oddity”, one of my favourite songs by David Bowie.

Now that Bowie has returned to the stars I felt that was the moment to close the circle with a game inspired by another of his songs, “Ashes to Ashes” (which at the same time was some kind of sequel from “Space Oddity”).

After the exhibition my design was choosen by a team participating in a game jam (A GAME BY ITS COVER) to make a real game out of it. Now you can play it for free in your internet browser or using a Pocket Chip game console.

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Game developers - Sweetheartsquad
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