Those are my contributions to Tokio based Famicase exhibition - years 2010 to 2015. Famicase shows fictional designs for Nintendo Famicom videogame cartridges.

For 2015 I made a game based in David Bowie’s great hit “Space Oddity”. This is the text that explains the game:

_DAY 1: Protein pills taken. Helmet on. The first cat travelling into space is ready for the countdown.
_DAY 2: Floating out of the capsule the stars look very different. The Earth feels blue.
_DAY 3: Alarm in the ground control station: the circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong. The connection with the cat is lost.
What’s happening in the spaceship? Take your Famicom™ pad, connect to your head the included neuroelectrodes and prepare yourself for the oddest voyage through space and through a cat’s brain.
1 player mode. Edgy 8-bit graphics & sound. Infinite gameplay.